Who Are The Social Chicks?

The Social Chicks have a passion for strategic marketing, communications and PR with panache. Plus, we just LOVE social so we’re advocates for all things social and engaging – in business and in life!

The Social Chicks are all about social media education, mentorship and training. We partner up and collaborate to keep our clients and communities connected. We know there is an overwhelming amount of information out there about the ever-changing world of social media. We help each other stay up-to-date, and we help you stay up-to-date, too.

We get tons of loving support from Kathy Irwin, AdminChick who keeps everything running smoothly.

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Who’s in the Henhouse:

Vicki McLeod, Main Street Communications Ltd.
WiseChick, aka Vicki McLeod: Owner and principal of Main Street Communications Ltd. and recent recipient of the Chamber of Commerce Business Leader of the Year Award, Vicki is no spring chicken when it comes to strategic communications, public engagement and marketing. For more than 20 years she’s worked as a strategist with clients in civic government, business, health care, education, the environment and the arts. She is a seasoned writer, facilitator, mentor, and one of only 120 certified systems coaches worldwide. Vicki is the author of the forthcoming book: “Mindful Multipreneurship: The Journey to Self-Employed Serenity” aka “Juggling on a Tightrope With Your Hair on Fire”.

A WiseChick with a passion for authentic relationship and a penchant for playing near the edge.



SavvyChick aka Karina Cebuliak.
Karina has had a passion for all things design and digital since 1995 when she started in a small print shop in White Rock, B.C. Her first successful website was built in 2000 and was used to sell retro baby clothes online. That adventure has blossomed into a career of social media management, print and web design with a focus on corporate branding, website analysis, and market comparison.

Over the past 17 years, Karina worked in the graphic arts industry supporting creative, technical and sales channels for a Fortune 500 company. Today, she leads businesses to create unique business brands in design and social marketing. Karina works with Vicki McLeod and the team at Main Street Communications Ltd., supporting in-house social and digital promotions, and rocking their Social Media Basics training courses and Social Media Management services.


Founding Chicks:

Two amazing peeps who maintain a commitment to great marcomms and community building. Most excellent friends and follows.

Lori GrahamLori Graham: Principal and driving force behind Six Degrees Marketing Inc., Lori offers keen insight into corporate and community-based perspectives that connect clients to markets for maximum return. A marketing SavvyChick with a specialty in economic development and a broad range of clients from small businesses to large organizations, Lori is passionate about creating and sustaining inspiring communities.



Rebecca VaughanRebecca Vaughan: Rebecca is a communications and social media specialist who supports businesses to plan communications strategies, analyze image and brand, and create dynamic tools to build a unique identity. A HipChick with an eye on the latest and most effective forms of engagement, she has worked with small businesses, government, and non-profits to communicate strategic messages.